lockdown blog

As we may be coming to the end of our third lockdown, it is perhaps an opportunity to take a moment to reflect on how we have been feeling, and how we feel right now as we look to the future.  What will the future look and feel like? What have we learned about ourselves, and those around us?  Has my attitude or behaviour changed during this last year, and if so, what do I think about that?

People are talking about the ‘new normal’, and I wonder how that feels. So many of us have struggled with the constant changes to our lives caused by this virus. We have experienced loss of our family and friends, isolation, lack of access to support and fear. Fear as to the future, what will the ‘new normal’ mean to us, will we ever get back to our lives as they were, or has that gone forever?  When will I receive my vaccination?  What if there is an issue re the vaccination supplies, will I get my second inoculation? Will the vaccination programme really help us all get back to the ‘new normal’?  What is going to happen regarding the economy?  Will we still have a job, how will we all recover financially?  Will we ever recover financially?

So many questions, but how many can we answer? Personally, I feel that whilst the last year has been very challenging for my family and myself, there are some achievements for which I feel genuinely blessed and am truly thankful for. It has been a hard journey, with many large waves that have felt may engulf us at times. Yet our boat has kept going with a few minor modifications, and I feel that we can now see the shore in the distance.  One key point was to aim to focus on things that were within our control.  Concentrating on the areas we can control can help to relieve some anxiety and fear.  Understandably, this can be very challenging to action. Perhaps writing down some of the issues, may help to provide some clarity as what you can or cannot influence.