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Motiv8 Development specialise in delivering tailored solutions to unlock individual & team potential, maximise performance and deliver improved results for your business.

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Meet Gooble

According to Einstein, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Gooble is our flexible mascot who embodies our vision for being creative, innovative and having fun when supporting the development of people. Click on our video to see how we do things differently.

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Why we’re different?

Motiv8 Development has the commercial and creative talent to develop
and unlock the potential of your staff to maximise your business’s results.

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Over 8,000
individuals developed

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Rated us excellent

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Over 45 years of combined
experience in developing people

Our Specialist Areas

Motiv8 Development specialise in tailoring solutions to your
specific needs to maximise results for your staff and business.

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Personal Development

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What our clients say

“Carolyn and Andrew ran a brilliant course yesterday, very informative, the interaction between everyone made it all much easier to appreciate and understand.

I would recommend their services to anyone wishing to improve their communication skills.”

Jane Jackson, Mortgage Adviser

Just Mortgages

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“I originally contacted Motiv8 looking for a general management training course, having been let down by a local college due to lack of numbers. However, after a thorough review of my actual requirements with Carolyn and Andy, they proposed a 1-2-1 coaching and mentoring approach for a key member of my team. Focusing more on key learnings rather than paper qualifications, Andy’s style has been informal yet very professional, to create a genuine engagement and positive change in mindset, all supported by practical tools and techniques. Everything happens for a reason, and the disappointment of not being able to pursue the original training route is now a distant memory.”

Rodney Rice – Business Director

Langley Alloys

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“Motiv8 have provided in excess of 30 training days covering middle and executive management development as well as intermediate and advanced project management courses to over 80 members of staff.

The feedback from Myscience staff has been overwhelmingly positive and Myscience hope to continue the relationship going forward.”

Maureen Legge, Head of HR Limited

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“Motiv8 Development have worked with Trent and Dove as a trusted, innovative and flexible partner for over 4 years. One of the projects in which they have supported T&D have been to deliver a cultural audit which was then used to develop a highly interactive programme for all employees to attend to support T&D with their cultural development. More recently, Motiv8 have developed a measurable leadership programme for our managers to support the development of their future leadership capabilities. This has been particularly important taking into account our current agile working philosophy, and Motiv8 have responded by delivering interactive and engaging online learning. Additionally, they have also supported many of our employees
with one to one coaching to develop their
skills and well-being; developed and delivered recruitment assessment centres to ensure fairness, equality and that candidates are selected on their merit.”

Ursula Bennion, Chief Executive

Trent and Dove

trent and dove

“Felt part of the group - not singled out”

“Everyone was involved in the session, great atmosphere.”

“Thought provoking and made you consider your traits and how these are seen by others.”

“Being involved and listened to. Very informative.”

“Great course and presented well. Fully enjoyed it.”

“How interesting and enjoyable the session was - not what I thought it would be like.”

“Good throughout the day due to a balanced mix of theory & practical sessions.”

Trent and Dove

trent and dove

“It was sincere and no mincing of words. Factual and gave me some ideas to use at home and work.”

“Very good group working, everyone was able to contribute to the session”

“Informative, thoughtful & fun”

“Made me look at myself”

“Group discussion with others from different business areas and analysis of self.”

“Excellent course, well presented, highly interactive.”

Trent and Dove

trent and dove
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Our Accreditations

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online telephone counselling

We also have accreditations in: Level A & B Psychometric testing, Situational Leadership, NLP Business Practitioners, MAP & much more!